The Best Thing I did in 2019

Hey Best Possies!!!

Happy Half-wayyyy theerreee… Can you literally imagine?

ho my goodness

2019 is about to be 1/2 way DONE!!! I don’t know about you but I still remember what I was doing and where I was New Year’s Eve and Day! It was awesome…

Hubby and I. New Years Day. I’m the fireworks, he’s the cool breeze. lol!

This year has been awesome so far, and I hope it has been for you too. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENEDDDD!!!! I have friends and family that have gotten married, gotten new jobs, received promotions, seen failures and seen successes…

Guys, we have so much to reflect on ! I personally love reflecting because it gets me in an attitude of quiet where I am reminded of how GOOD God is, how much I have grown and how much I have YET to grow. I think about all the moments, all the ouch, all the ahhs, all the hmmms, and everything in between….

And with all that, I have so much zeal to press forward and KILL the goals I promised to myself when the fireworks went off in the air as the year re-set itself and became 2019.

In the meantime though, I can tell you I have done and accomplished quite a lot this year…and while I yet have a lot to do.. Here’s the Best Thing I did in 2019.

Yes!!!!!!! I’m a Mommyyyyyyyy to the most beautiful baby !!!!!!!
*cue fireworks & confetti in the air*

And just imagine… We still have h a l f the year to go !

It’s Lit!!!!!

Yes, Yes, I know. Now that she is year, my absence on the blog is no longer permissible. Orrrr is it??? I mean motherhood is a full time gig, y’all. Lol!!

Stay tuned,

Peace Fingers,

Awele C. M-A

Sidenote: A huge cheers to everyone working hard on their Best Possible Self and grinding to make this and every year their Best Possible Year ! I see youuu!!!

To everyone who has emailed or DM-ed me, THANK YOU!!!! I love replying and keeping in touch! Esp my RN buddies all over the States!

To everyone who has subscribed to my blog, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend ! And if youre reading this and you have NOT subscribed….. picture me staring into your soul…. like what are you doingggg…


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