The Art of Faith-ing It

Yeah I said Faith-ing…not Fake-ing…

Hi Best Possies !

So It’s April ! and it is 4th Quarter ! And I don’t know about you but ….Things arent quiteee panning out how I thought they would.

I built the plan y’all. I had the board to trump the vision board. I had the to-do list and was doing it honeyyy. (Stay tuned, I’m working on a shareable platform for you organized-lovers like me). But anyways, all of a sudden… things started N O T going as planned. Imagine driving a car you put all your energy and funds to getting a great wash and service, only to discover ON THE ROAD that you have popped a tire….

My gosh, what the bleep bleep x a couple more bleep bleeps !!!

Truth Be Told…the road to your Best Possible You has a lot of bumps and detours. I had a great vision for my week…only to wake up on Monday to messages that my website was down. As if things couldn’t get any worse, I failed a test I had been studying for. Okay great, then I had all these out of the blue detours that had me so puzzled I had a headache… “I didn’t return a package? I owe you what???” “I have to bring my car BACK for servicing!??” I will not lie, it threw a meteor-sized wrench in my attitude. I was so burned out.



But *woosah*

I wish I could tell you that I completely shook it off and like Olivia Pope, I handled it

*deep belly laugh*

I didn’t even have time to brush my hair. What? LoL! Hey I am a work in progress, judge your mailman or something. But anyways, I went to sleep. Because honestly, sleep is life. *insert iphone laughing so hard emoji*

But before I slept, I literally whispered “God Please Help Me.”

I was sad. I felt defeated. And I was so …Tired.

Side Note: Encouragers Need Encouragement Too. #MentalHealthAwareness

But Guess what? I woke up hours later. I was still a little tired. That happens when reality kinda waves at you as your sleepy cloud clears. But I chose to focus on my faith. It was probably the size of the smallest dot on an atom

yup smaller than that even
“But Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” -Matthew 17:20

So I channeled my faith. I studied. This time, not even as long as before. But I gave it my all. I took the test. I passed it. Yup. I passed the test y’all. I called the dealership and sorted out the problem. I called the store’s customer service and turns out I owe nada, zilch, not a thing. And my website. Well, hello there reader. We are back in business.

Was it eazy peezy? Nah. Was it worth the fight? Yep. Again, I haven’t even brushed my hair….completely. But a lot of fires are out.

Like I said, judge your neighbor, not me….

I feel….victorious. I can breathe. And Smile. Because I know where my help comes from.

My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth – Psalm 121:1

So my fellow Best Possie’s, No matter what you are going through, You will get through.

Today is Wednesday, and I am here, just you know, faith-ing it…

That’s all I can do…

How about you? How is your week going!?

Until next time,

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene M.


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