The story of 2 mats

Hey Best Possies!

Happy Novemberrrr!

If you’re like me, a fall weather lover, you’ve been loving the cool nippy sweater and boots weather, days looking like evening all day, sighing at sights of yellow, brown and red leaves scattered or dancing along street sidewalks….

*happy sigh*

But Anyways, I’m here to tell you a story.

It’s the story of two mats.

Grab your mugs, get your hot cocoa, tea, or coffee…

Read along and enjoy.

So I’m married, yeah *British Accent* and it’s pretty dandy. The bloke is quite the perfect mate for me ‘n all. Nice chap innit.

Lol!!! okay i’m done with the British accent.

Anyways, I love my marriage. It’s glowing and growing in ways I honestly could not have predicted. My husband and I are Two different people who come from two different walks of life, two different backgrounds, two different cultures, two d i f f e r e n t PLANETS! …and boom, decided that somehow someway, we would create a great life together.

Did I mention that uhm we are different. hmmk i did.

We just never thought we would disagree over this.

A mat.

A kitchen mat at that.


You’re reading right.

A . Kitchen. Mat.


For those of you who do not know, my husbae (husband+bae) moved all the way from his perfect nest and state of Texas (*heaves a heavy sigh*) and into our home in sweet chilly fall-weather perfect Pennsylvania (*insert his heavy sigh here*) .

Husbae’s last day in Tx in 2017 before he moved up to PA. He was so sad poor baby!

When he moved up, he gave up quite a bit of eh junk stuff that he accumulated in his single life and so did I, trust me..I gave up so much of my treasures stuff as well… it was painful… we had to. We were creating a new life together so you know…. get over it.

But the ONE thing we could not let go of.. was our kitchen mats. see below please.

Yup. Please guess in the comments whose mat you think is whose?? lol!

Smh. As you can see we just threw in the towel and put both our mats down. And it was what it was. Husbae was NOT going to have his ugly old rugged mat tossed and I was NOT going to have my brand new cute mat tossed either!

Untillll yesterday. November 2nd 2019. 2 years and 3 months of marriage later y’all.

We aka husbae and I, present to you …

Our United Totally Awesome Kitchen Mat !!!

Yup. I know. You might totally be like “LOL! Charlene, you and Steve are nuts.” Really?? We’re cool with that lol! The point of this blog post is this: we chose. together. Not just the mat. But the life we live. Yes, falling in love was so dreamy, planning our wedding, getting married, honeymooning, going on dates, our sweet baby…. it’s all been a sweet sappy romance song honestly. But how many of you that are married KNOWWW that marriage ain’t a one hot song wonder ? *insert iphone eyes emoji* yup I see you church! *insert organ pipes, church mother hmmmm, and piano ding! at the end*

We chose this mat together not because I nagged him to, or dropped subtle or mansion size hints, not because he wanted me to shut up and leave him alone, not because anyone outside of our unit aka society suggested it to us….. but because we wanted to.

Here’s my podium message: A lot of us in this social media blender age are getting side tracked with things that do not matter. Lifestyles & Opinions that do not reflect you & yours.

Stop. Unplug. Reset.

Next time you come to a difficult decision that you and your significant other can not just handle; try letting go. Sometimes you will have a “Two Mat” household lol!!! and that’s okay. Let. GO. If you’re in the mood for Pineapple Fried Rice and he’s in the mood for Red Robin, that’s okay ! If he takes a week to get to chores that take you one day …. *eye twitch* let…go…..

Choose. Joy. Always.

In marriage. In friendship. In service. In life.


One day, you’ll end up smiling. Not over “won arguments”, “best points”, or “who had the last word” but how you both won because you came together, and chose…together.

Until next time Best Possies,

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene A.

Philipians 4: 8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.

So You Want to Marry??? Read This First…



Hiiiiiiiii !!!!


I know, I know… I’ve been gone again for too long!

Image result for sorry


The last time I blogged was literallllly exactly two months ago…> read it here <


It’s been a lot y’all….


My life is Go, Go, GO, followed by a 2.7 second pause, and then more Go’s, I am surprised I have not found a way to hook myself up to an on-the-go coffee drip by now….

Image result for bruh


But I digress, I basically came here to say;

IT’S    MY    ANNIVERSARY  !!!!!!!!!!!!!




Likeee WOW!

It’s been a Y E A R already !

Yes Lord Yes LORD!



From engaged to engagement to Murriedddd !!!


Let me tell y’all *gangsta chuckle* Marriage is not for the faint of heart or for You Dolls & Dudes thinking it’s all one artistically posed instagram picture. LOLLLL! That’s Not Marriage. That’s a Frozen SnapShot Moment of a Celebration. I mean, hubby and I do take amazing photos *air high fives him*


But You’ve heard the quotes… and Well, it is true.


Marriage is Work.


I look back on all the preconceived notions that I had about Marriage and laugh at myself like

“poor girl, somebody help her!” LOL!!!


Of course truthfully and sadly I did not have a lot of great marriage models to look up to. And what you see on TV is cute but a nah. BIG nah. Marriage is not what you watched on Martin and Gina, or The Cosby Show. Na Bruh.  A lot of discovering just what the heck I wanted…is because I did not want what happened in not-so-good situations I had either witnessed, heard about, or been in myself.  This is why I purposefully became single and discovered who I was before I got married  (read it here: one of my best decisions ever).


So ! You want to know how to tell you’re readyyyy for Marriage?

Image result for jafar

let us begin  *Jafar voice*


IF, my dear, You are ready to…

Forgive over and o v e r ….and then over again….hmm, let’s seee..AND OVER…again…


Learn to Listen.

Actually want to listen… *insert iphone emoji eyes looking up*

Put your significant other first… (*tired shimmy*)

Be as close to selfless as Mother Theresa ….Fine, maybe her shadow…Just Try…

Work to-ge-ther….(did you hear me? I said TWO-GETHERRR….)

Talk it out as opposed to not sulking like a 3-year old

Be ready to add Patience as your legal middle name

Did I mention forgive?

Let it goooo like Elsa sang in that annoying ice movie

Be a Servant

Be a Leader

Know when to be the above mentioned two things

Be your significant other’s BIGGEST Cheerleader of all time

Pray (even in your sleep oh!) for your significant other

Count it all JOY!

Be Open to knowing that sometimes YOU suck …and hey it’s okay (insert crazy laugh) There’s GRACE!

Be Open to Correction (Yes, with no sarcastic look on your face either *sigh, i know*)


LISTEN!!! I could go onnnn and onnn and then on, but that’s all going to be in Hubby and I’s Book/Podcast/YouTube Channel coming out soon!!!


Image result for cardi b okurrr

But for real…

Marriage is F U N!!!

When you marry the Right one Thoughhhh……

Image result for im just saying


Marriage is the GREATEST Assignment from God and should not be taken lightly….

If you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say Greatest Assignment from God, click here and get hip on the Word shawty, okurrt?

Marriage, for hubby and I, has been so so SOOOOO satisfying thus far.  We have grown…and are still growing, We have disagreed, We have agreed, We have laughed, We have cried, We have hurt, We have loved (Jafar grin) (and are stillll loving….*insert Cardi B’s eeoww heyyy!*), We have PRAYED (and are still praying)…. and We have learned so much about each other (and are still learning…)

and We are truly TRULY so happy that We get to do THIS LIFE with each other.

We are …





Best Movie-buddies

Study Partners

Business Partners


You nameee it !


I urge you for the 759 millionth time to Marry not because your mother and father and two friends are giving you the side eye, or your ‘clock is ticking’, or some imaginary instagram followers are chasing you…. Marry because your heart has found the one you have yearned for, prayed for, and are willing to fight for when the going gets tough.

It makes it worth it.

It makes it FUN!

Happy Anniversary to the one my heart forever leaps for.

Steve, You still give me butterflies…

And Im still on cloud 9000.

“You will always be…my endless love”


Peace fingers,


Awele Charlene Adinlewa.












The Most Important Words I Heard Before I Met The One

There is so much I want to say…

I’ve been gone for so long.

Let’s start with Hey !

So let’s see…

I’m a Mrs.

Can you imagine?

Not just any Mrs. But a Mrs. to My Mr.

Hmm, Profound, isn’t it?

I’ll explain. See, a few years ago, I was at a birthday brunch celebrating my bestie.  Somehow, as all girls do, we rounded the corner to the topic of men *yes, sigh* and love.  The conversation was as always juicy or as I like to say “Juzzy” lol!, we had lots of laughs, oh-em-gee’s, wowww, and smh’s.  But you know what I will never forget about that moment; what my friend said at the end. As she raised her glass to toast, she said these words….

“May we never marry someone else’s husband”

We literally all yelled out “Amennnn!!” and clinked glasses in cheers.

But wait tho….


I had chills.

I reflected and eventually began to reconstruct my stance on love literally based on this cheer.  The minions in my head went frantic and my thoughts became a constant live press release.  “So do we stop dating?” “Do we start waving our ‘i’m dating Jesus’ Placard?”  “How will we know if it’s our husband?” How will we know when it is him?”

Who has the answers, sway?!!!

But you know what….

There was a calm afterwards.  There always is a calm. Well, If you tell your mind to simply shut up.

I stopped worrying, stopped fretting, stopped calculating…

This was 2015

2016 was my year of FREEDOM &  DISCIPLINE. Weird combo, right?  Again, I’ll explain.  I closed the door on all who kept placing me as options.  And kept it shut.  It was the struggle. The door might have splinters from the struggle in fact.  But I did it.  Oh hello there, You think I’m bad and you tryna take me out? *buzzer sound* Sit downnnn. (Wait, uhm can I get that meal to-go tho? *iphone emoji looking eyes* lol!!)  But really, bye to the sleek-ricky’s and the let’s-see-how-it-goers.  Hello to the woman in the mirror!  Hello to a better me, an adventurous me, a woman with goals and dreams bigger than lame “I’m-really-trying-to-get-know-you-girl” moments.

I wanted to know more about myself.

And I did.

What a great year it was! *sigh*

Keep embracing yourself.  Keep your standards higher than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Hold on to your standards. I pinky-promise you it will pay off.

8 months later, in the way I would NEVER have thought possible…

While I was finally being obedient and living my BEST possible life.. I had no idea God already had my future husband doing his homework on me, leading him, guiding him to… yes…well…into my DMs…



My Husband

*excited scream*

I sigh with my hands raised and tears in my eyes because I can truthfully say, “I married my husband”

So if you haven’t already figured it out, you have NOTHING to do to speed your husband or your wife to you other than being truly the BEST most AMAZING You e v e r y day.  Keep working on yourself, you need this time to know WHO you are, WHAT makes you tick and not tick, WHERE you’re going. No distractions. So stop ‘purposelessly’ dating. Please. It’s so important. I know it might seem like it’s taking forever but I promise you love, God knows what He’s doing. He’s not slow. He’s actually right on time.

Speaking of time,

I’ll see y’all around. I gotta get ready to go out and celebrate.

It’s our ONE MONTH wedding anniversary.


“…bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh….”

Peace fingers

Awele Charlene..yep, Adinlewa

*insert crazy happy dancing here*