All things Baby- Best Possible Baby That is…

Hi Best Possies,

So winter is here…

But you know that’s not stopping our mission to be hashtag cute and our best possible selves, innit?

And that applies to the babies… especially my baby.

I’m literally wiping tears hard. Look at my baby when she was weeks old. Now she’s so big and karate chopping me in the liver as I type this. *sniff*

So the other day I did a huge unboxing on personal instagram (@dotties_princess) of some things I got from Good ol’ Amazon and a lot of my loves wanted the link so I said why not make a post about it !

Also there are a lot more things that are enroute so please enjoy all the links below. Yes, all the images are clickable for you to make your purchases for your sweet baby, or baby niece or nephew.

Before we get started, a few housekeeping notes:

1.) Mama of boys don’t leave!!! you are WELCOME! The products I have shared below are NOT just for baby girls.

2.) I made sure the links you click are from 0 months to 12 months of age ! (some even beyond!) I got you !

3.) The product links you click are affiliate links and what that means is by clicking on the links and making a purchase, I get a teeny weeny commission that makes me happy and enables me to keep making helpful content for my best possies! whoop whoop!

Now let’s get starteeddddddd !

Cheers to Happy Babies !

Baby Headbands: I showed you a variety. Check out my IG stories because you’ll see my sweet baby rocking these bands allll winter hunny!!! I love them because they are soft on my baby’s scalp and the material is love!

Next up we have some cool clothes for baby to stay warm in these coming winter months. And sidenote : I live for a good neutral !!! so sorry for the void of color. kiss kiss.

And you guys knoww I love a good caauttteeee warm snuggly jacket and sweaters ! How cute are these!!!

And can you say baby without toys? exactly. So here are a few toys that I know will keep Sweet Baby occupied and mind stimulated while mommy watches housewives of atlanta is resting

Some cute accessories and miscellaneous because well…warm baby equals happy parents

This seat was a hit on my IG as well! My sweet mommy friend AMY put me on and I loveee it!

You guys you guys ! This Zarbe’s soothing chest rub is a game changer! literally asides from me praying 24-7 over my child, she gets chest rub down after her bath and hunnyyyy, all congestion be gone, we will not be seeing the flu in this house, okurrrr?

That’s all folks! I wanted to keep this as simple as possible! Oh em geee stay tuned ! I will be back with a STROLLER review and a Diaper bag VIDEO!! Yes you read right… V I D E O.

Be amazing, Be Excellent, Be Your Best Possible Self.

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene M-A.

Colossians 3:23 Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people