Attitude Reflections to Close Out The Year 2019- Like a Best Possie !

Hey Best Possies!


So I have a podcast ! Yup. just jumped right into that announcement lol! I am preparing to really amp my involvement on not just my blog presence but vocally and soon, physically via youtube.

I definitely am excited !!!!



Butttt… Excited ! nonetheless.

Chanting “Just Do IT” “Do it Scared”.

Yup Yup, 2020, Here I come !

Without further ado, here is the link HERE <— click the here and enjoy this latest podcast on how as someone who is constantly seeking to attain your Best Possible Self, you can close out the year and with what type of attitude…

You can also literally screen shot the above pic and find my podcast everywhere hunny, spotify, google podcast, overcast, pocketcast… you name it, I am there …for…you.

Let’s hug it out

Brief Storytime: shortly after I recorded my podcast, some blessed soul stole my wallet. Yup. You read right. My sensitive information. Gone. I panicked. I Cried. I almost got sucked in to a negativity vortex of why me why me!!???

But I bless God for perspective. And to be 1000% real with you, I listened to my podcast. Yup. Singing “Encouraggggeee Yourselllfffff…” cuz I did. I developed perspective and knew that my life, my health, my family was worth so much more than material things. I could recover all my cards and information eventually. The blessings God has given me…. priceless. And right there in that moment of the first few listens and influx of “This is Awesome Charlene!” from close friends and family, I knew that I was walking in my purpose. And I won’t stop. Not for anything.

Thank you ahead of time for listening, for supporting, for SUBSCRIBING, for believing in me. There is so much to come. Stay tuned.

Be Amazing. Be Excellent. Be Your Best Possible Self.

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene Adinlewa

Jeremiah 1:8 “Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.”