So You Want to Marry??? Read This First…



Hiiiiiiiii !!!!


I know, I know… I’ve been gone again for too long!

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The last time I blogged was literallllly exactly two months ago…> read it here <


It’s been a lot y’all….


My life is Go, Go, GO, followed by a 2.7 second pause, and then more Go’s, I am surprised I have not found a way to hook myself up to an on-the-go coffee drip by now….

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But I digress, I basically came here to say;

IT’S    MY    ANNIVERSARY  !!!!!!!!!!!!!




Likeee WOW!

It’s been a Y E A R already !

Yes Lord Yes LORD!



From engaged to engagement to Murriedddd !!!


Let me tell y’all *gangsta chuckle* Marriage is not for the faint of heart or for You Dolls & Dudes thinking it’s all one artistically posed instagram picture. LOLLLL! That’s Not Marriage. That’s a Frozen SnapShot Moment of a Celebration. I mean, hubby and I do take amazing photos *air high fives him*


But You’ve heard the quotes… and Well, it is true.


Marriage is Work.


I look back on all the preconceived notions that I had about Marriage and laugh at myself like

“poor girl, somebody help her!” LOL!!!


Of course truthfully and sadly I did not have a lot of great marriage models to look up to. And what you see on TV is cute but a nah. BIG nah. Marriage is not what you watched on Martin and Gina, or The Cosby Show. Na Bruh.  A lot of discovering just what the heck I wanted…is because I did not want what happened in not-so-good situations I had either witnessed, heard about, or been in myself.  This is why I purposefully became single and discovered who I was before I got married  (read it here: one of my best decisions ever).


So ! You want to know how to tell you’re readyyyy for Marriage?

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let us begin  *Jafar voice*


IF, my dear, You are ready to…

Forgive over and o v e r ….and then over again….hmm, let’s seee..AND OVER…again…


Learn to Listen.

Actually want to listen… *insert iphone emoji eyes looking up*

Put your significant other first… (*tired shimmy*)

Be as close to selfless as Mother Theresa ….Fine, maybe her shadow…Just Try…

Work to-ge-ther….(did you hear me? I said TWO-GETHERRR….)

Talk it out as opposed to not sulking like a 3-year old

Be ready to add Patience as your legal middle name

Did I mention forgive?

Let it goooo like Elsa sang in that annoying ice movie

Be a Servant

Be a Leader

Know when to be the above mentioned two things

Be your significant other’s BIGGEST Cheerleader of all time

Pray (even in your sleep oh!) for your significant other

Count it all JOY!

Be Open to knowing that sometimes YOU suck …and hey it’s okay (insert crazy laugh) There’s GRACE!

Be Open to Correction (Yes, with no sarcastic look on your face either *sigh, i know*)


LISTEN!!! I could go onnnn and onnn and then on, but that’s all going to be in Hubby and I’s Book/Podcast/YouTube Channel coming out soon!!!


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But for real…

Marriage is F U N!!!

When you marry the Right one Thoughhhh……

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Marriage is the GREATEST Assignment from God and should not be taken lightly….

If you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say Greatest Assignment from God, click here and get hip on the Word shawty, okurrt?

Marriage, for hubby and I, has been so so SOOOOO satisfying thus far.  We have grown…and are still growing, We have disagreed, We have agreed, We have laughed, We have cried, We have hurt, We have loved (Jafar grin) (and are stillll loving….*insert Cardi B’s eeoww heyyy!*), We have PRAYED (and are still praying)…. and We have learned so much about each other (and are still learning…)

and We are truly TRULY so happy that We get to do THIS LIFE with each other.

We are …





Best Movie-buddies

Study Partners

Business Partners


You nameee it !


I urge you for the 759 millionth time to Marry not because your mother and father and two friends are giving you the side eye, or your ‘clock is ticking’, or some imaginary instagram followers are chasing you…. Marry because your heart has found the one you have yearned for, prayed for, and are willing to fight for when the going gets tough.

It makes it worth it.

It makes it FUN!

Happy Anniversary to the one my heart forever leaps for.

Steve, You still give me butterflies…

And Im still on cloud 9000.

“You will always be…my endless love”


Peace fingers,


Awele Charlene Adinlewa.












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