Risky Business

Hiii Best Possies!!!!


Happy So-Far June-ing!

How’s it going!??

Did any of y’all step out on Monday and feel like you were caught in the middle of the devil yawning???

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I mean Goooooood grief it was H O T….. arghhh!!

Talk about risky business for my skin & pores honey.

But I digress…. Risky Business as related to skin and pores is not what THIS blog is about. Check out the last blog tho if you missed it (hover over the blog word)


So I gets downnnn like the next person. Down as in blue and… as in discouraged.  I’m just keeping it real. Being the Best Possible Moi is no walk in the park.  I don’t always wake up floating on the clouds with the Sun as my kite.  I have a LOT going on… I am a newly wed (yes, less than 1 year still counts as newlywed), a full-time registered nurse, blogger, and business-owner.  Sidenote: Please don’t even compare yourself like I do more than you. You in your full time job or situation might be right this moment crippling under a lot of pressure.


We’re in the same boat, love. Different designs, sure. But same boat called le life struggle.

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But in the face of pressure, I don’t know about you but I kinda sorta start …throwing things off my boat.

I don’t want to sink, right? Who does?  So here goes my calm, *throws out of boat* here goes a little bit of my peace, yup and here, when things get really rough…take a chunk of my confidence and throw that out too, let’s reel in those black clouds of jumbled confused thoughts, why don’t we…  and finally,

risk taking…uh oh… *sigh*

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The clouds of jumbled thoughts have begun to rain and here comes the….

“What will they say?”

“What if they judge me?”

“What if they don’t understand?”

“What if nobody cares?”

And then …my little glow globe with the black bold letter’s that say “Risk Taker” falls of the boat and bob’s away into the distance….

I should just play it safe.

Do like everyone else.

Act like everyone else.

Blend in….like everyone else…

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*cue wonder woman music*


Not Today.


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Today, I choose to stand out. Today, I choose to remember that at the age of 25 I left a well-paying career, went back to school, and started a new career at 28—- And. I. Love. IT.   Today, I choose to remember that when company after company turned me down for a mortgage, one said “YES“.  Today, I choose to remember that I was given 7 days to leave my dorm in undergrad because I had insufficient funds, and on the 5th day I got a FULL scholarship…..As. A. Foreigner.

Today, I choose to remember that I am phenomenal.



And Un-Freaking-Blendable.

I take RISKS because I can.

What if I fail?

Well I am Human. So I will fail. duh.

And so what? I’ll pick right back up, twirl, and try BETTER.

What if I succeed? Well I succeed then.


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Stay tuned to this space & Follow @bestpossiblemoi on Instagram.

Best Possible Moi is making some big moves.

I hope you will be too.

*Walks into the distance with my little glow globe with the black bold letters that say “Risk Taker“*


Until next time,

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene M-A



Hebrews 11:1″Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”

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