Ain’t Worried About Nothing- Monday Vibes

IT’S MONDAY!!!! And I am holding on to Philippians 4 V 6 which says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

What Does This LOOK LIKE!?? Well….Regular Possible Shmegular Moi would pray and GO. There’s nothing wrong with that except for the results that I am looking for in MY life are NOT regular. They are extraaaa like me *takes a bow* SO therefore for my EXCELLENT result oriented Best Possible Moi, I pray throughout the day. The verse I just put forth above says EVERY situation ….so I get a positive email from a client, YES, shooting a prayer of thanks to God. I get a not-so-great result from my efforts on a project, yikes….O-kay…*sigh* shooting a prayer of “help me father!” to God. Because my requests are not always whiny… sometimes my requests are for my Wins to keep glowing. More Grace. More Strength. More consistency.


So !! What Verse/ Affirmation are you holding on to?!!

ReNewed Mindset & Heart’s Ready, Let’s accomplish GREATNESS this week !

Until Next Time,

Peace Fingers,

Awele Charlene M-A.

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