Chasing Peace

Hey my blogger-loves,

So I have something for you. It’s 10 million dollars.  Yes you read right….$10,000,000.  All those zero’s.  I’m not playing with you.  What are the rules? Well you have to just get to the location where I am and it’s yours.  Oh, And the first 10 people who message me can get the location and must pick it up within 24 hours.

Are You Ready?!!

Do you have a pen and paper?!!!


LOL! calm it down, take a breath, loves.  Ha Ha!  I can already see the eye-rolls and the “girl I knew you weren’t serious” lip smirks.  Really.  Don’t you wish I was though?!  But wait…what if you had 10 million dollars ..or more…..right now…in your hand….. ?  What would you do if I hmm let’s just say la-di-da came to you and took your money and just smacked it to the ground anddd wait…wait for it! What if I poured some 99c Mango-flavored Arizona Ice Tea on your money while laughing like a deranged mad woman?

          What would you do?


LOL!  yup I can already hear it.

Pshhh, I would smack you so hard, Charlene!

Yeah right, girl your hand would still be in the air cuz I’d upper-cut you.  

What? 10 million? *hiss* oh no you wouldn’t dare…

LOL!  I can imagine the way you would aggressively fight for your money because duh honey, you aint no dummy. That money equals retirement TODAY, vacations for life, a house in every country and continent, please don’t let me go on! I know what you would do to fight for 10 million dollars or more if it was rightfully yours.

My question is, why don’t you fight for your peace the same way ?

Yes, I said it. Your p-e-a-c-e.  What, you didn’t know your peace was worth SO much more? Much more than the priciest gem in the whole universe? Let me explain how much peace is so worth it, if I can.   It’s the factor that decides if you’re going to have a great day or not…. It’s the wave that washes over you when you choose to let go and let GOD…. It’s the deep breath that calms you down as you try to work through your to-do list….it’s the sound of ocean waves and tweeting birds…. it’s the random smile when you think good thoughts ….it’s the deep sigh of relief…. it’s I’m going to be okay no matter what…. It’s…Amazing.

But some of us (me included don’t worry I’m with you) can be going about our day, all you know, chill and dont-bother-me-i-wont-bother-you attitude and boom! something happens….it could be that co-worker that doesn’t know how to talk (and his breath smells) OR that parent that calls you out the blue with “have-you-gotten-your-5th-degree-I-want-grandchildren-by-the-way-did-you-hear-about-uncle-X-daughter-who-won-an-oscar”  speech  OR  WORST YET  it could be that voice inside your head that starts worrying about a 1,000 things a minute “when am I going to get rich?” “I’m not good enough” “when am I going to have the house with the picket fence?” “will I ever find true love” “Why isn’t my body like __?” “Why do I have so many bills to pay” “How could she treat me like that?” ARRGHHH!!

And just like that….. poof! Peace Gone. Face Surly. Mouth pursed. Attitude in the trash bin.


Sometimes I wonder…. the devil must just loveeee to get us where he knows us to lose it the most.  Read it again if you can.

So I’ll be vulnerable, I hate to lose ANYTHING…so when that happens, it’s fireworks and very very very colorful diction. *clears throat*.   So how do I fix this:  Like, seriously, how do I do better and HOLD ON to my PEACE so that I can have better days, an infectiously happy attitude, and honestly keep my sanity !?

Well these are the THREE things I have been practicing since January 1st: and Let me tell you….. I’ve been WINNING so far:

1. Keep your mind occupied with HIM!  —> Him being God.  Isaiah 26:3 says “You (God) will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because He trusts in you

What this looks like for me is literally listening to my favorite gospel artists (worship songs, gospel hip-hop, christian rock) on Pandora  around-ze-clock.  I love music. And training my mind to revert to uplifting christian music keeps me remembering the words lonnnggg after I have turned the radio off.  And you know what? those words are uplifting!

Others have a favorite word in the Bible they refer to or youtube a sermon or a talk from a God-fearing man of woman of God…whatever you do…Get Him In Your Head.  It’ll drive out all other crazy thing that threaten your p-e-a-c-e. Trust me.

2. Transform your mind about what frustrates you ! —> Phillipians 4:7 says
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”    

So I told you about how I hate losing stuff right? okay so having God in my head was great but if I didn’t get super-organized, I knew even God would be like “get your life, now!”…so I did.  I took time to de-clutter and I’m even currently on a clean-room-365 challenge.  Why? because I want to do better.  If I practice being organized and knowing where I put what, Guess who’ll be super peace-ful 24-7??  **points to self!*    Try It!

3. Do Peaceful things ! —>  Psalm 34:14 says “Turn away from evil and do good. Search for peace, and work to maintain it.”

This is like super duh but trust me, even the best of us can miss it.  If someone stresses you out, uh stop hanging out with them.  OR tell them to quit being so dramatic!  If a job stresses you out, and #1 and #2 above hasn’t worked, uhhh maybe it’s time to job-hunt!   But also find peaceful things that you can resort to when your someone tries to smack your 10 million dollars, I mean your PEACE from your hands…

Seriously, maybe when you start thinking of your peace in that regards, you’ll take it super seriously….

There’s so many peaceful things to do out there…. Yoga, Taking Walks, Meditating…shoot, take a nap if that’ll help.

Just remember to love you enough to NOT let ANYone steal your peace.

Until next time,

Guess who loves you more?



No, really.

: ) Charlene