Monday Picker Upper – Series

Happy Monday Possies !

How was your weekend?!!

Mine was B for Busy.

Side note: I have noticed that I literally use my alphabets in sentences. LOL!! Like total Mom-Mode.

Person: How are you, Awele? Me: T for Tired. Lol!! My life !

Anyways, You would think that Mom mode has slowed me down some, but y’all… hubby and I hosted our fam-friends allll Saturday and then Sunday, yours truly was at Dave and Busters shooting zombies on a screen with my sweet baby strapped to me all in the name of celebrating my lovely brother’s birthday. Lol!!!

Turn down for whattt???

Anyways, here’s my current view….

I’m so in love. 

Lol!! My sweet baby is my sidekick.  No y’all, she is literally kicking me in my sides as I’m typing this. Lol!!  

But before I digress and end up telling you guys like 5 stories about Sweet Baby, let me download this amazing word that I felt the spirit lay in my heart during my devotional this morning.  It’s also a great Monday Picker Upper for if you are currently dragging your feet, or overwhelmed, or just feeling blah about the week ahead. Here it is y’all….

 Now mind you I just gave you a snippet of my weekend, right? So I was honestly going to trash ponder over this word when it dropped in my heart.  Like what? Who likes Mondays?? I want to fast forward to Almost There Thursdays and Yay Fridays!  Like give me Saturday Breakfast in Bed and my Outings and Hunting for Good Yummy Food and Just Chilling-Mode Sundays.  I wanted to whine cuz I have a lot of work to do and uhmmm… 

But in true Holy Spirit fashion, the word persisted so quietly and persistently until I eventually put it on a print and bam! I knew I just had to.  Not just on Thursday, Not only on Fridays *iphone looking up at the sky face*, but NOW. I just have to GIVE THIS WEEK MY ALL…. My BEST….. because I owe it to myself.  You owe it to yourself.  

God has given us a brand new week. 

He gave us LIFE to enjoy the week… not to complain about the week.

So on a MONDAYYYY… Give it your ALL. Your very Best. On a Monday, Tomorrow, On Wednesday…You Get the Deal… 

Let’s Get It Guys !

Go Be Great.

I know I will. 

Now where’s my to-do list?? 

What do you use to stay organized??? I use Trello, Google Calendar (I blogged about this here), my planner, and honestly…. they’re everything ! 

Alright you guys, stay motivated. 

1 Thessalonians 5: 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

See you soon,

Peace fingers, 

Awele Charlene M-A




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