Get Lifted

How beautiful is that!

When I wake up on in the morning, there’s nothing better than filling up on ALL the right things!  I need energy for all the 1,000,000 things I have to do !  So I fill up on every inspirational God fearing read or audio I can get my hands on.  This page is just some of the things I turn to.  Feel Free to Use them WHENEVER!

Be blessed !


There are so many ideas……

  • Pandora (tune in to some high powered head bopping Christian artist likeeee Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, Da City of Refuge Choir… OR if you like to start of easy-like-sunday-morning, maybe some soft relaxing tunes by CeeCee Winans or Jonathan McReynolds…. the choices are endless!)
  • Youtube (There are literally 1 hour praise jams or worship medleys you can jam to while you get ready for school or work or your day!)
  • Itunes Radio (Just like Pandora really, just without the annoying commercials hehe)
  • Many radio stations have Apps you can actually download on your phone orrr jam on your laptop !

Have a song that you sing, whether its one you made up or your favorite artist sang. Just sing it to the most High and really connect to his presence.  Many times I hear people say “it’s just hard connecting to God’s presence…”  “I just don’t feel it”… well 1.) that’s the enemy lying to you. and 2.) Try Battling that feeling of bleh with a worship/praise song that takes you to His presence.

These worship songs will minister to your spirit and rock you to your knees! Better be indoors for this one! 

Kierra Sheard-Indescribable

Hillsong- All I need is You



Kierra Sheard – Free

Mali Music – Yaweh

William Mcdowell – I belong

Phew! You’re done?  Okay dry those eyes and get your Bible!  Fill ‘er Up!

You can use whatever bible APP or devotional you have

This one’s available on Iphone AND Android. There’s a BIBLE App you can download. Use these pictures to get to literally thousands of Bible Plans to start or Add to your walk with God.  The Second Picture are my current plans.  #TheyareAwesome !

    photo 2  photo 3 photo 4

Oh you thought I was FINISHED!??

Are you rushing??  I hear you! You’re probably like “You know what Awele, Don’t Nobody got time for this!”  1.) You dead wrong -_-  2.) Lol! You can take God with you in your car as you “rush” to get ready or in your car or in your earphones.

The Point is: there is no excuse.  You want to get lifted? Fill yourself with Him, and He’ll lift you Up!

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