So You Want to Marry??? Read This First…



Hiiiiiiiii !!!!


I know, I know… I’ve been gone again for too long!

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The last time I blogged was literallllly exactly two months ago…> read it here <


It’s been a lot y’all….


My life is Go, Go, GO, followed by a 2.7 second pause, and then more Go’s, I am surprised I have not found a way to hook myself up to an on-the-go coffee drip by now….

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But I digress, I basically came here to say;

IT’S    MY    ANNIVERSARY  !!!!!!!!!!!!!




Likeee WOW!

It’s been a Y E A R already !

Yes Lord Yes LORD!



From engaged to engagement to Murriedddd !!!


Let me tell y’all *gangsta chuckle* Marriage is not for the faint of heart or for You Dolls & Dudes thinking it’s all one artistically posed instagram picture. LOLLLL! That’s Not Marriage. That’s a Frozen SnapShot Moment of a Celebration. I mean, hubby and I do take amazing photos *air high fives him*


But You’ve heard the quotes… and Well, it is true.


Marriage is Work.


I look back on all the preconceived notions that I had about Marriage and laugh at myself like

“poor girl, somebody help her!” LOL!!!


Of course truthfully and sadly I did not have a lot of great marriage models to look up to. And what you see on TV is cute but a nah. BIG nah. Marriage is not what you watched on Martin and Gina, or The Cosby Show. Na Bruh.  A lot of discovering just what the heck I wanted…is because I did not want what happened in not-so-good situations I had either witnessed, heard about, or been in myself.  This is why I purposefully became single and discovered who I was before I got married  (read it here: one of my best decisions ever).


So ! You want to know how to tell you’re readyyyy for Marriage?

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let us begin  *Jafar voice*


IF, my dear, You are ready to…

Forgive over and o v e r ….and then over again….hmm, let’s seee..AND OVER…again…


Learn to Listen.

Actually want to listen… *insert iphone emoji eyes looking up*

Put your significant other first… (*tired shimmy*)

Be as close to selfless as Mother Theresa ….Fine, maybe her shadow…Just Try…

Work to-ge-ther….(did you hear me? I said TWO-GETHERRR….)

Talk it out as opposed to not sulking like a 3-year old

Be ready to add Patience as your legal middle name

Did I mention forgive?

Let it goooo like Elsa sang in that annoying ice movie

Be a Servant

Be a Leader

Know when to be the above mentioned two things

Be your significant other’s BIGGEST Cheerleader of all time

Pray (even in your sleep oh!) for your significant other

Count it all JOY!

Be Open to knowing that sometimes YOU suck …and hey it’s okay (insert crazy laugh) There’s GRACE!

Be Open to Correction (Yes, with no sarcastic look on your face either *sigh, i know*)


LISTEN!!! I could go onnnn and onnn and then on, but that’s all going to be in Hubby and I’s Book/Podcast/YouTube Channel coming out soon!!!


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But for real…

Marriage is F U N!!!

When you marry the Right one Thoughhhh……

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Marriage is the GREATEST Assignment from God and should not be taken lightly….

If you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say Greatest Assignment from God, click here and get hip on the Word shawty, okurrt?

Marriage, for hubby and I, has been so so SOOOOO satisfying thus far.  We have grown…and are still growing, We have disagreed, We have agreed, We have laughed, We have cried, We have hurt, We have loved (Jafar grin) (and are stillll loving….*insert Cardi B’s eeoww heyyy!*), We have PRAYED (and are still praying)…. and We have learned so much about each other (and are still learning…)

and We are truly TRULY so happy that We get to do THIS LIFE with each other.

We are …





Best Movie-buddies

Study Partners

Business Partners


You nameee it !


I urge you for the 759 millionth time to Marry not because your mother and father and two friends are giving you the side eye, or your ‘clock is ticking’, or some imaginary instagram followers are chasing you…. Marry because your heart has found the one you have yearned for, prayed for, and are willing to fight for when the going gets tough.

It makes it worth it.

It makes it FUN!

Happy Anniversary to the one my heart forever leaps for.

Steve, You still give me butterflies…

And Im still on cloud 9000.

“You will always be…my endless love”


Peace fingers,


Awele Charlene Adinlewa.












Risky Business

Hiii Best Possies!!!!


Happy So-Far June-ing!

How’s it going!??

Did any of y’all step out on Monday and feel like you were caught in the middle of the devil yawning???

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I mean Goooooood grief it was H O T….. arghhh!!

Talk about risky business for my skin & pores honey.

But I digress…. Risky Business as related to skin and pores is not what THIS blog is about. Check out the last blog tho if you missed it (hover over the blog word)


So I gets downnnn like the next person. Down as in blue and… as in discouraged.  I’m just keeping it real. Being the Best Possible Moi is no walk in the park.  I don’t always wake up floating on the clouds with the Sun as my kite.  I have a LOT going on… I am a newly wed (yes, less than 1 year still counts as newlywed), a full-time registered nurse, blogger, and business-owner.  Sidenote: Please don’t even compare yourself like I do more than you. You in your full time job or situation might be right this moment crippling under a lot of pressure.


We’re in the same boat, love. Different designs, sure. But same boat called le life struggle.

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But in the face of pressure, I don’t know about you but I kinda sorta start …throwing things off my boat.

I don’t want to sink, right? Who does?  So here goes my calm, *throws out of boat* here goes a little bit of my peace, yup and here, when things get really rough…take a chunk of my confidence and throw that out too, let’s reel in those black clouds of jumbled confused thoughts, why don’t we…  and finally,

risk taking…uh oh… *sigh*

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The clouds of jumbled thoughts have begun to rain and here comes the….

“What will they say?”

“What if they judge me?”

“What if they don’t understand?”

“What if nobody cares?”

And then …my little glow globe with the black bold letter’s that say “Risk Taker” falls of the boat and bob’s away into the distance….

I should just play it safe.

Do like everyone else.

Act like everyone else.

Blend in….like everyone else…

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*cue wonder woman music*


Not Today.


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Today, I choose to stand out. Today, I choose to remember that at the age of 25 I left a well-paying career, went back to school, and started a new career at 28—- And. I. Love. IT.   Today, I choose to remember that when company after company turned me down for a mortgage, one said “YES“.  Today, I choose to remember that I was given 7 days to leave my dorm in undergrad because I had insufficient funds, and on the 5th day I got a FULL scholarship…..As. A. Foreigner.

Today, I choose to remember that I am phenomenal.



And Un-Freaking-Blendable.

I take RISKS because I can.

What if I fail?

Well I am Human. So I will fail. duh.

And so what? I’ll pick right back up, twirl, and try BETTER.

What if I succeed? Well I succeed then.


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Stay tuned to this space & Follow @bestpossiblemoi on Instagram.

Best Possible Moi is making some big moves.

I hope you will be too.

*Walks into the distance with my little glow globe with the black bold letters that say “Risk Taker“*


Until next time,

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene M-A



Hebrews 11:1″Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”

Summer Face Glow Baby

Hey Best Possies !!!


So… Summer is here, Right?

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I don’t even know anymore. All I can tell you is bruh my sweaters are still in my closet and I have 2 different sizes of umbrella in the car.

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One thing I do know though is that my face routine is evolving!!! And yours should as well.


When it comes to facial routines, we no longer live in a “why fix it if it aint broke” type of age anymore, ladies and gentlemen.  Well…. except you’re from that family where you all bathe daily in the sea of youth, your mom and dad look like they’re in their 20s, and you’ve been using coconut oil since birth.


If not, aight then… keep reading.

Our goals are requiring a more defined version of ourselves. We are full-time workers, movers and shakers, 9-5’ers or 12-hour shifter’s. We have to-do lists, projects, deadlines, vision boards, and huge aspirations.  More moves are being made…


More, More, More !!!


Better, Better, Better !!!


And well our bodies, especially our face, needs more & better too!


Here are my five MUST haves and do’s for a healthy amazing face glow this summer:


  1. Wash your face every morning and every night !

I could write a thesis and text-book on this ONE point.  Guysssss! Come onnnnnn…..Your face carries so much oil and ‘assault’ from your day, it just makes sense !!

But before you jump out and buy the first cleanser or scrub you set your eyes on, know your skin !

Are you oily?

Are you dry?

Are you both?

Are you confused?

hahahaha!  Tippity tip ! Not All Dermatologists are expensive, I promise you. Fine, don’t believe me?

If you go on groupon you can find spa or facial deals in your area and actually talk to a professional about your skin type. You don’t gat time? Aight then annoying, go bare-faced for a whole day and observe your skin with no make up and just moisturizer. If your T-zones look like a becoming fry-pan by 5pm, then maybe you’re oily heyyy!! if you have frying pan face tendencies but some areas of your face look like the thirst itself, then you’re both! a-k-a combination ! heyyy!! if you’re dry then you’re dry…. simple.


Got it ? Good.


So wash your face oh please!!! And look for cleansers that have great reviews like Ole Henriksen.  I use the Find your balance Oil Control Cleanser because I have combination, mostly oily T-zones.  It feels sooooo good on my skin. And afterwards my face does not look like McAshy. It’s fabulous.



2. Use a clean wash cloth to dry your face! (pat pat gently!)

I mean … wait… You’re not using the same towel you’re using for your BODY on your FACE, are you?Image result for scared

Use a clean wash cloth please. Daily.


3.  Use Moisturizers & Serums !

You’ve got to have something for the morning and something for the night.  One’s gotta glow that face up and One’s gotta heal and build your collagen at night.

Ole Henriksen - Collection Truth

I loveeee Ole Henriksen’s line because there is literally a step 1, 2, and 3 of using serums and moisturizers. You’ve gotta check em out guys. It’s worth itttt !


Other amazeball products: Dr. Murad, Aveeno, & Clinique… 


4. Treat Your Face

Places like Ross, Target, Marshalls, Ulta, Sephora carry these fun masks and exfoliators.  Pick a Friday or any day you’re home and chillin’ with a cool glass of your favorite drink and a movie or your girlfran or boyfran…. and treat your face.  Heal from all that make-up wearing and other pollutants that your face has picked up over the week.


Image result for face masks



Your face will thank you.


5. Glow from the Insideeee ! Drink WATER & Take your vitamins !!!

Summer glow starts from the inside, loves.  No matter how many expensive fancy anti-this, glow-that potions you buy, if you do not hydrate your skin from the inside, all “effects” are temporary.  So be good to your body and it will be good to you in return.

Image result for drink water


Available in your local grocery store and Amazon


Straight like that.



Aight Best Possies!

See you around !

Keep Working [on] That Glow !


P.S: If you hover over the words like Ole Henriken or amazeball products, it’ll take you to the page where you can start your glow journey !


Peace fingers,


Awele Charlene M-A



5 Things You Never Say to a Nurse !


Hi Best Possies!!

So you know what I just realized (a couple of days ago)… don’t come for me, it has been a long week… But This week was also TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!!! And *sniff* I was a teacher as well…once upon a time. Gosh I miss my 8th graders ! Shout out to all the AMAZING Teachers who give of themselves so effortlessly day-in and day-out for the cause of Education !

God Bless You All !

Teaching aint easy honey.

Trust me, I know.

*Insert That’s-so-raven flashback to falling asleep while grading and drooling on my students’ homeworks*Image result for thats so raven



Anyways, to the point of this post. So while we are all thanking and celebrating nurses *raise the roof* and realizing all that we do is the truly, I wanted to highlight that uhm Nurses take a lottt of crap from the simpletons of mankind.


Doctors are so lucky. I know, I know, they have it hard too. But more times than not, they show up when we’ve made the patient all pretty and gowned up with a pretty blanket to restrain tuck them in.  Never mind that 3 minutes ago, Mr. T over there had poop and vomit juice all over his clothes and trailing to the door

. Yeahhhh…. Queasy yet?


 So in order for you not to end up on our “Guess what happened to me today?” stories that we tell our family and friends so they can laugh at you, Here are 5 things You DO NOT EVER say to a Nurse:

And side note, a HUGEE thank you to all the nurse/murses who sent me their write-ups like what!??? Some of them were so x-rated I could not put them on here LOL!!! (maybe in a part 2).


  1. Are you good at this? 

Translation: Are you good with inserting needles otherwise known as IV’s? 


Many times I want to say; No, you’re my first patient ever. Aren’t you excited???

*insert bride of chucky smile*

But alas, I must smile and instead use my other sarcastic voice and ask, “Well, did you bring your good veins today?” which few times, turns out… you did not. Because you are possibly dehydrated or your veins just are hard to find. But please try not to summarize your evaluation of my education and skills that I almost died learning in school to ….getting an IV in your lovely arm.

Don’t worry, we will find it.

We have ways.

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Im kiddingggg.

Image result for intravenous needle meme

And yes, while Nurse Anna, 2 weeks ago, stuck your arm without problems, it’s *shh, come closer*, because it showed up then.


A better and more respectful way to ask this:  Hi, I have a huge fear of needles and I speak from experience that my veins are hard to find. Could you please promise to stick only if you see a good vein and if not to get another means of finding one?


2.  When will my room upstairs be ready?

Golllllyyyyy If you understood how many times a nurse CRINGES at this question ! Listen Jackie, we all know that you have now earned yourself an admission to the hospital. You’re sick. I’m so sorry. But uhm there is actually a WHOLE other department that is now working behind monitors and phones to get you a ready room upstairs.  ME, on the other hand, yeah, I’m still here… still taking care of you. Justttt like they would do in your room upstairs.

Whennnn the room gets ready, guess who’ll come tell you?

*inserts Colgate white teeth smile with a twinkle*

Image result for ballerina twirling

Yes, Me.

So chill out kindly refrain from asking me every 30 minutes.

A better and more respectful way to ask this: Could you please tell me when my room upstairs is ready?

3. I know you don’t know this, so could you ask the doctor….

Image result for internal scream meme

Uhm excuse me?

*insert dry laugh* uhm, I know they have a whole lot more debt education than I do, but try asking me first before you jump into your black hole of assumption, k?

In case you didn’t know, your nurse is your advocate. Your champion to push your cause when the doctor has most likely forgotten about you because he or she is in a trauma resuscitating a dead person. So yeah, be nice. Or your call bell might actually go missing…again, just kidding. Next point…lol!!

A better and more respectful way to ask this: Can you or anyone on the team help me understand why ….?

4. I’ve been here for 3 hours and NOTHING has been done !

Again, what?

Im sorry, come again..

.Image result for porsha williams confused meme

The last time I checked “Nothing” is defined as “No Single Thing”…and if I recall correctly, since you can’t, poor thing, you have been spoken to by a nurse, a doctor, registration, a tech, we’ve probably taken blood work and vital signs, and now waiting for your results.  If you want to skip down the stairs to where the main laboratory is, you could ask them what’s taking so long… or down the hall where the medical team is currently conferencing on how best to approach your case…


*takes a huge chug of coffee*  Now honestly, not all of us nurses are great at communicating what takes so long. There’s also a whole department or committee that works to help nurses be more adept with communication skills.  And honestly, sometimes, we have no idea what’s taking so long either. But you snapping at us like the shark in Jaws has the tendency to induce some serious fight or flight responses. So chill out, try not to exaggerate, take a deep breath and ask us respectfully. We are here for you.

A better and more respectful way to ask this: Hi, I’ve been here for a couple of hours now and i was wondering what the time frame is to hear back results from my blood work….(and insert what else was done)

And drum roll for the 5th one that had a whole lot of nurses rolling !!!Image result for drum roll

5.  I could never do…. (insert particularly gross or difficult task a nurse is doing at the time)

Hmm. Okay…But I am at the moment.. so what is your point exactly?

Image result for porsha williams confused meme

Remember how your mom taught you that you don’t say everything you think…

Yeah, it applies here too pumpkin.

We know this is hard. But save your comments to a text or a thought.

T or Thanks.

And that goes for comments on how long we work… 12-hour shifts…yeah, crazy right? we’ve been doing this for like centuries now by the way *inserts dry laugh*.

A better and more respectful way to ask this:  Just don’t


Andddd that’s it, guys!

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

Comment, share with your fellow friends and nurses, and see you soon!!!

Remember, be kind to a nurse! He/She (some at least) wishes they could have a 9-5 too sometimes….


Until next time,

Peace fingers,

Nurse Awele C.M-A at your service!


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Give it up for Nurses Everywhere!

It’s Nurses Week   !!!

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Shout out to the profession that has molded and exposed me to so much more than I EVER thought I could EVER be or imagine.

As a trauma nurse, I have seen some thingssss…

Things that make what you see on television look like a cute audition…

Image result for house episode

So you mean to tell me there is no nurse on this team…                        lies and deceit



Because of my profession;

I feel like super woman …
I am bold(er)
I am wise(er)
Oh I’ve cried ….
But I am stronger

Because of my profession;

I’ve been humbled..
And I’ve been lifted

I have met all kinds of people…
But I have learned that they all make the world so much more interesting….
Nurses have some of the best stories that can make you laugh …and make you cry…
real life…

Because of my profession;

I have skills that I still can not believe I do..
I always think its nothing and then i tell my husband and my friends and their faces tell me

“oh thats a big deal!”

So i am grateful.

Sidenote: Has any other nurse gone home and heard cardiac monitors or call bells in their sleep??

Where my ER/All types of ICU/IMC nurses at? Lol!

Assess, Assess, and Re-assess.

Page, page, page.

Document e v e r y t h i n g!!

Image result for nurse documentation meme


Image result for nurse documentation meme

But we’re more than that….

Nurses are warriors.

We’re advocates.

We’re shoulders for the hurt.

We’re eyes for the doctors.

We’re brains that keep ticking.

We’re the get-the-20-labs-done and give-these-50-meds and-take-vitals-document-them and-in less than 5 minutes …and that EKG, yup, yes, STAT, we got it!- type of nurses.

We go, go, go ….like we’re on duracell batteries…but its really the sweet life-giving miracle of caffeine …

You name it, we’ve probably smelled it sadly.

You name it, we’ve *sigh* probably cleaned it again…. sadly.

We are social work.

We are investigators.

We are teachers.

We are charters.

We are the know-it-alls…even when we (truly) don’t want to be.

We are hand-holders (with gloves on).

We are storm, and We are the peace.

Some clog-wearing, Some sneaker-heads…

We are the ones with the scrubs, tired faces, and achy feet.

We’re Ford tough, baby.

We are nurses.


I thank God for the many lessons and blessings Nursing has brought to my life.

This is by no means a career/profession that is for the faint at heart.


Tell a nurse you know thank you.

It goes a long way, y’all


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Peace fingers,
Awele C. M-A
Trauma Nurse at your service