Ain’t Worried About Nothing- Monday Vibes

IT’S MONDAY!!!! And I am holding on to Philippians 4 V 6 which says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

What Does This LOOK LIKE!?? Well….Regular Possible Shmegular Moi would pray and GO. There’s nothing wrong with that except for the results that I am looking for in MY life are NOT regular. They are extraaaa like me *takes a bow* SO therefore for my EXCELLENT result oriented Best Possible Moi, I pray throughout the day. The verse I just put forth above says EVERY situation ….so I get a positive email from a client, YES, shooting a prayer of thanks to God. I get a not-so-great result from my efforts on a project, yikes….O-kay…*sigh* shooting a prayer of “help me father!” to God. Because my requests are not always whiny… sometimes my requests are for my Wins to keep glowing. More Grace. More Strength. More consistency.


So !! What Verse/ Affirmation are you holding on to?!!

ReNewed Mindset & Heart’s Ready, Let’s accomplish GREATNESS this week !

Until Next Time,

Peace Fingers,

Awele Charlene M-A.

Friday Hoorah!

Hey Best Possies!

Tell the truth… If Friday was a person, she’d be You and I’s best friend hunny! and yes I said she.. girls are totally fun. *insert iphone wink emoji*

So Cheers to Friday, and Cheers to you, Best Possie! We made it. No matter what…. You Made IT! Eyes closed, take a deep breath, and let your shoulders relax. If No One told you, You were more than a conqueror. Get the comfy slippers out and enjoy your weekend.

Totalll mood !

Until next time,

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene M.

The Art of Faith-ing It

Yeah I said Faith-ing…not Fake-ing…

Hi Best Possies !

So It’s April ! and it is 4th Quarter ! And I don’t know about you but ….Things arent quiteee panning out how I thought they would.

I built the plan y’all. I had the board to trump the vision board. I had the to-do list and was doing it honeyyy. (Stay tuned, I’m working on a shareable platform for you organized-lovers like me). But anyways, all of a sudden… things started N O T going as planned. Imagine driving a car you put all your energy and funds to getting a great wash and service, only to discover ON THE ROAD that you have popped a tire….

My gosh, what the bleep bleep x a couple more bleep bleeps !!!

Truth Be Told…the road to your Best Possible You has a lot of bumps and detours. I had a great vision for my week…only to wake up on Monday to messages that my website was down. As if things couldn’t get any worse, I failed a test I had been studying for. Okay great, then I had all these out of the blue detours that had me so puzzled I had a headache… “I didn’t return a package? I owe you what???” “I have to bring my car BACK for servicing!??” I will not lie, it threw a meteor-sized wrench in my attitude. I was so burned out.



But *woosah*

I wish I could tell you that I completely shook it off and like Olivia Pope, I handled it

*deep belly laugh*

I didn’t even have time to brush my hair. What? LoL! Hey I am a work in progress, judge your mailman or something. But anyways, I went to sleep. Because honestly, sleep is life. *insert iphone laughing so hard emoji*

But before I slept, I literally whispered “God Please Help Me.”

I was sad. I felt defeated. And I was so …Tired.

Side Note: Encouragers Need Encouragement Too. #MentalHealthAwareness

But Guess what? I woke up hours later. I was still a little tired. That happens when reality kinda waves at you as your sleepy cloud clears. But I chose to focus on my faith. It was probably the size of the smallest dot on an atom

yup smaller than that even
“But Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” -Matthew 17:20

So I channeled my faith. I studied. This time, not even as long as before. But I gave it my all. I took the test. I passed it. Yup. I passed the test y’all. I called the dealership and sorted out the problem. I called the store’s customer service and turns out I owe nada, zilch, not a thing. And my website. Well, hello there reader. We are back in business.

Was it eazy peezy? Nah. Was it worth the fight? Yep. Again, I haven’t even brushed my hair….completely. But a lot of fires are out.

Like I said, judge your neighbor, not me….

I feel….victorious. I can breathe. And Smile. Because I know where my help comes from.

My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth – Psalm 121:1

So my fellow Best Possie’s, No matter what you are going through, You will get through.

Today is Wednesday, and I am here, just you know, faith-ing it…

That’s all I can do…

How about you? How is your week going!?

Until next time,

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene M.

Why your Vision Board Might Fail…& How To Prevent It

Please don’t get me wrong… Vision boards are GREAT !

What better way to personally and literally envision …on a board… what you want to BE, to ACCOMPLISH, to WORK TOWARDS…. 

But sadly, and you know this, except your Vision Board is the size of one of the walls in your bedroom, there’s a high chance it is merely a …. very colorful display of some future aspirations?… *insert iPhone shrug emoji*

I mean, I remember having posters of Beyonce because I wanted to BE BEYONCE. Periodttt. Lol!! andddd where am I today? No closer to even doing a single 10-second routine from any of the 100+ videos I have watched of Queen Bey. *sigh*

Maybe one day.

But let’s get into why your vision board is limited….

No time frame 

By when will you accomplish your goals? Next month?? 1/2 way through the year? Is it even possible to get it this year? Do you even know!!!??

Which goals are short term and which goals are long term?

No how-to

For example, I, personally, want to learn a language this year ! But uhm that’s all cute to cut and paste on my vision board and even look at…but uhm how will this learning happen in between being a full-time RN, wife, and business-owner!!! HOOOOWWWW!!? Which tools will I use to do this??? Apps? A person?? A class??

No way to measure progress

How will I know I’m even working towards my goal or not?? Who is my accountability partner??


Oi Veyyy

If this is you in the above picture at this point, I sorry ! Release thy hair strands. I got you. Deep calming woosah, hands spread to the sky inhalee, bringing hands downnn and exhale…

There we go.

It’s going to be o-kay.

Your vision board will live. Your dreams will come true. You will have an amazing Best Year Yet in 2019. But Your Best Year Yet starts with planning. We can’t just write our goals down and stare at them each day. So! TODAY, this evening or Right N O W, GO OVER this blog AGAIN and take out the NO in the different headers… So basically:

In your Journal/ Planner/ NEW AND IMPROVED VISION BOARD:


A Goal

A Time Frame:

How To

Way(s) To Measure Progress

So for example, this year, as I shared in this clickable link –> BEST YEAR YET BLOG <—, under #2 on new skill, I plan on learning how to speak more fluently in French (Goal). I am going to be able to hold a decent conversation in French by December (Time Frame). I will use two apps, the Babbel- Learn Languages app and the Rosetta Stone (How-to). I will speak with my friend who speaks French fluently at the end of every month to help me with my accent/intonation and by June, I will do a practice full conversation and then begin to transition to more French than English conversations every two weeks until December (Ways to Measure Progress)

It’s ….Lit…

Having and Realizing Goals is easier said than done, I know. But having a realistic plan helps. Having an accountability partner helps your plan evennnn better.

And if you need more help, guidance, and information with mapping out your goals for your BEST YEAR YET, guess what??….

That’s right. Best Possible Moi is here for your goal-mapping, tools-providing, vision-setting, step-by-step guide to having your personalized BEST YEAR YET !!! I have used my trusty process again and again to save money, lose weight, travel overseas, graduate with a Masters, buy a home, and plan a wedding …. So I know a thing or two on planning and organizing.

How to get started? email me at with the Subject Title “I’m Ready for My Best Year Yet”.

Alright love bugs, I’ll catch you around the corner!

Peace fingers!

Awele Charlene A.

Welcome to your Best Life- January

Happy New Year loves !!!

I t ‘ s …..2 0 1 9 !!!

Yessss, *awkward face*

Image result for chrissy teigen awkward

I feel like at this point, we get each other lol!! I drop a hot post and skidaddle then bam! I’m back. *nervous laughter* So let’s get right to it, hmmk?


Last year was amazing. Shh, I don’t want to hear it. If you are alive, reading this very statement, last year was A M A Z I N G! Okurrr? Perspective, people! Now, IF 2018 was not, to you, as Amazingggg as you wanted it to be, as a true becoming Yoruba wife, I say unto you…. “Pele”.

Because my father might read this, “Ndo.”

Because some of you might at this point be like whaaa? … “Sorry.”

Now that we have attended this brief multi-lingual pity party, I’d like us to move on. Yes, stop the violins plis. Take off the black.

It’s time to make 2019 great, people.

Let’s GO!

Now, you and I have different meanings on what it takes it have a SIMPLY FANTASTIC AMAZING YEAR!!! I get it. But honestly it boils down to some basic core principles.

  1. What will I accomplish this year?
  2. What new skill will I learn?
  3. What new place will I visit?
  4. Whose life will I impact?
  5. How will I improve/grow as a person?
  6. How will I save money??

SO there you have it…..

The keys to unlocking your best life this year….


This is where you start journaling, my love.

I can’t answer these questions. You can.

You’ve got this.

The first step is ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. And in between all those letters is Knowledge. So get to it. Me myself I’m still stuck on #7.

Just remember…..

Alright love bugs, I’ll catch you around the corner!

Peace fingers!

Awele Charlene A.

For all consultations, prayers, and basically bouncing around your best possible moi ideas, email me at