The Real Truth Behind Just Do It

Hi Best Possies!!!

So in case you did not know… the 1st blog my husband (before he was my husband) everrr read was my “Just Do It” Blog… eek! I know..

Look how young and skinny I was *cries while licking delicious Tillamook icecream*

Anyways, Just Do It, as you probably can tell is now like one my life mottos. He-lloo! I was literally walking in my life’s purpose & boom! My yummy husband walked into my life.  Hashtag Just Do It is a movement.  My hubby even uses it to encourage me. (me loves him big time – cookie monster voice. nom nom nom. LOL!) But truthfully, honestly, Just Do It is… hard.

Just Do It is sometimes…honestly… really…Just Think About it.

Just Do It is sometimes wait wait wait but….

Just Do It requires planning…before you Just Do It

Just Do It can come before or after a cloud of worried thinking that says “But I don’t have enough of ___ to Just Do It.” And that blank can be anything from enough time, enough money, enough resources…

Just Do It aint easy, hunny.

Sometimes we feel like with just the perfect lineup of circumstances and resources, we can do WAY more than what we’re doing now. But what if ALL we have is enough??? What if God sees the ‘little’ that we have as the BEST that we have and literally ALL He needs to do that great…”Just Do It” action.

You will never never know if you continue to throw dust clouds of worry, doubt, and negativity on your Just Do It Moment.

You could be a “Just Do It” Moment from unlocking a huge blessing, a testimony, saving a life, meeting a destiny helper, making a key connection…. the possibilities are endless….

Your “Just Do It” Moments have brought you to places you only dreamed of… Imagine the moments you haven’t taken yet, Awele….

*sigh* Yes, I am talking to myself as well.

So come on, let’s hug it out. Now, do it with me, Shoulders relaxed, head lifted, eyes lowered, deep breath inn, and out… releasing into the wind every worry filled thought that does not serve our powerful purpose and willpower to do all things through Christ who strengthens us…..

Go, Best Possie,…. and Just Do It….


Until next time…

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene M.A



Ephesians 3:20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,

Monday Picker Upper – Series

Happy Monday Possies !

How was your weekend?!!

Mine was B for Busy.

Side note: I have noticed that I literally use my alphabets in sentences. LOL!! Like total Mom-Mode.

Person: How are you, Awele? Me: T for Tired. Lol!! My life !

Anyways, You would think that Mom mode has slowed me down some, but y’all… hubby and I hosted our fam-friends allll Saturday and then Sunday, yours truly was at Dave and Busters shooting zombies on a screen with my sweet baby strapped to me all in the name of celebrating my lovely brother’s birthday. Lol!!!

Turn down for whattt???

Anyways, here’s my current view….

I’m so in love. 

Lol!! My sweet baby is my sidekick.  No y’all, she is literally kicking me in my sides as I’m typing this. Lol!!  

But before I digress and end up telling you guys like 5 stories about Sweet Baby, let me download this amazing word that I felt the spirit lay in my heart during my devotional this morning.  It’s also a great Monday Picker Upper for if you are currently dragging your feet, or overwhelmed, or just feeling blah about the week ahead. Here it is y’all….

 Now mind you I just gave you a snippet of my weekend, right? So I was honestly going to trash ponder over this word when it dropped in my heart.  Like what? Who likes Mondays?? I want to fast forward to Almost There Thursdays and Yay Fridays!  Like give me Saturday Breakfast in Bed and my Outings and Hunting for Good Yummy Food and Just Chilling-Mode Sundays.  I wanted to whine cuz I have a lot of work to do and uhmmm… 

But in true Holy Spirit fashion, the word persisted so quietly and persistently until I eventually put it on a print and bam! I knew I just had to.  Not just on Thursday, Not only on Fridays *iphone looking up at the sky face*, but NOW. I just have to GIVE THIS WEEK MY ALL…. My BEST….. because I owe it to myself.  You owe it to yourself.  

God has given us a brand new week. 

He gave us LIFE to enjoy the week… not to complain about the week.

So on a MONDAYYYY… Give it your ALL. Your very Best. On a Monday, Tomorrow, On Wednesday…You Get the Deal… 

Let’s Get It Guys !

Go Be Great.

I know I will. 

Now where’s my to-do list?? 

What do you use to stay organized??? I use Trello, Google Calendar (I blogged about this here), my planner, and honestly…. they’re everything ! 

Alright you guys, stay motivated. 

1 Thessalonians 5: 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

See you soon,

Peace fingers, 

Awele Charlene M-A



How to Treat a New Mommy

Hi Best Possies !


So….I’m a Mommy!!! Whaa..? You didn’t know??  I totally made that announcement here

But anyhoo, I love saying those words so much !

I’m A Mommyyyy!   

Like I, Me… am a mother to a whole yummy human… my Sweet Baby !!  LOL! My hubs loves to poke fun at me when I say that “I have a whole human..”. But do I mind him? No…


Anyways I digress.


Sidenote: Mommy Brain is REALLLL!!! Air kiss and iphone emoji awkward face sorry to everyone I owe a call, text, hangout, all’at. Maybe after you read this blog you will totally feel a pitter patter in your cardiac region for me and every new mommy out there.


So, being a new mommy is honestly, truly, NO JOKES… one of the hardest things in this life. hands down.


Guys I’ve studied for the MCATS, gone to Nursing School, done p90x and insanity workouts… I’ve gone through the long stressful and arduous process of saving up for and buying a home… I am a trauma nurse… blah blah…. nothing compares to motherhood. Nothing!


Do I love it? Absollluuuteellly.


Do I have down to a perfect science? Ha ha ha. Extra Ha!

Motherhood is like a lifelong class that you just keep being present for whether you like it or not and you just keep learning and getting better hopefully and honestly…


Iphone shrug emoji


Motherhood is an amazing path… But I have noticed something terribly appalling along the way.

Some PEOPLE do NOT really know how to treat/talk to new mothers!!!


Crazy face meme


Like its 2019 !!! Come onnnn people!


But calm down, I got you per usual.  Trust me!! it was not until I became a Mom that I realized that I TOO have committed some of these faux-pas I mention below! Didn’t anybody tell me though.  But like I said. 

I got you boo.


Grab something cool to drink and let’s gooo…..

How to Treat A New Mommy!

  1. Realize what is going on – don’t be ignorant! Don’t ask to visit a new mom at weird dumb hours like you used to when she was sans bump ! Yes she used to be a par-ty animal but she has a whole child now. BE considerate. Also don’t ask dumb things like “when are you having another one?” or stare awkwardly at her belly that isnt flat like Beyonce’s. Chile’ we don’t all have personal dietitians and trainers !!!  


  1. Offer love, encouragement and kind words.   ALWAYS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            We new mothers do not get tired of hearing that we are strong.  Truth be told, we mostly do NOT feel strong. I know, personally, the first few weeks after I gave birth to my sweet baby, I was in pain, I felt shapeless, engorged, and just u-g-l-y (you dont got no alibi…remember that rhyme ? ok im done). I was happy! don’t get me wrong…and so grateful. but it was the kind words of encouragement from my community that kept me from going under.  


(sidenote: you guys know who you all are. I love you ALL).


  1. INCLUSION:   Always remember to ask after us mamas too. Yess the baby is flipping cute and adorable, yesss ! But we exist too, ya dig? That invitation to that brunch with friends? Invite us! Even if we very well might say No…Uhm  Still !   Hello, we are proper humans too !                                                                                                                                                             


  1. Really listen & Really care. We just came off a truly earth-moving mind blowing experience. We internally (or externally) scream in the bathroom after we get naked. LOL!  A whole human lived in us for a LONG TIME and now is earth side.  Trust me, as a new mom with heightened emotions, we can tell who is really FOR us and who is just trying to get a baby selfie and be on their way.  We’re too tired sometimes to respond. 


     (please stay tuned to the end of this blogpost for shout out real examples of this point!) 


  1. Give her a break –   Ask  “How can I help” and mean it ! – and we need help. Thank God for grandmas, grandpas, aunties and uncles.  For me, my sweet mommy in love was up for a short time before she had to go back to work.  Except for you have a live-in situation, people leave.  And Mama’s are by themselves.  And MOST times, baby ONLY wants MAMA.  So when you visit…. Get her water, Cook, Clean, Laundry, Get groceries, Buy food or a snack….. (I have a whole new blog post on this for sure). 


  1. Prepare for the unexpected – sometimes we will fall asleep, sometimes the visit will abruptly end because of a poopy explosion or a sleepy baby or she’s hungry or we might suddenly get engorged and need to pump…. our new lives are honestly unpredictable.  I have found that the best thing to say in these circumstances is “how can i help?”  or “are you okay?”.  


  1. Pray for us–  Truly ! There is nothing more touching than being covered in true earnest prayer from a kind genuine soul. It goes a long way. 



So.. Which one…or two… will you do today!?


Until next time,

Peace fingers!

Awele Charlene M-A





Shout outs: 

–My best friend Nik sent me an AMAZING face care kit when I gave birth to my sweet baby, and I cried like a baby when it came in the mail.  (hormones!) She really listened to me complain about how pregnancy took a toll on my skin color and came to my rescue. I love you my forever sisterbae!   


–My sister, Winnie, came over one day and sent me away promptly to get a massage.  I never told her I cried and cried before I left the car, just overwhelmed with LOVE. (again, hormones!)


–Or My sister Mimi who brought a suitcase and FOOD and stayed over a weekend with me and baby! 


— Or my sissy in love, Bee, who brought my favorite snacks & stayed over to help with me and baby!


–Or my hubby who takes the baby and sends me to go self-care and relax!   


–Or my Snizz from philly who brought me food or my Mo who would just sit and gist with me!


I could go ONNNN and ONNNN….. but These are just a FEW of MANNNY ways I have and still receive love from my community!!!) 



How To Have A Hashtag Hot-Girl/Guy Summer


Hey Best Possies!

I don’t know about you but I am out here living my Best Possible Life and having a total #hotmommasummer baby!!! 

If you read my last blog here, you’ll know that I have a new bestie/sidekick/homie for life and 80-90% of the time, we go everywhere together !! Gotta leave 10% room for hot dates with the hubs ya dig. Don’t tell him I uh said 10%. Lol!!! 

But Anyhoo, I love all the LOVE in my DMs and email about us being out here living our best life, and I honestly do get puzzled when someone comments “How do you find all these stuff to do?” or “I wish I had time for all that.”

First of all, You make time for what is important to you, love.


Second of all, I GOT YOU!! Think of me as your resource locator, hunny!!! 

So, here are all the ways to have a TOTTALLLLYYY AWESOMMEEEEEE Hot Girl or Hot Guy or Hot Momma or Hot Poppa (You get the point!) Summer.  *phew!* 


 (Psst, all the tips are clickable. Das right. You welcome shuga).

Also, this blog contains affiliate links so please read the disclosure at the end of the post. T for thanks.

They have an app! Or you can look them up on your desktop or phone. But they are true to the name and slogan. 

“Find the Best Your Town has to offer. For less.”   

Through them, my honeyhubs and I have enjoyed brunch spots at instagrammable locations (totally), visited the most awesomest sunflower festival, had sleep inducing massages (yasss!), and much more!

Yessss! You don’t have to watch tourists come have all the fun in YOUR city! Uh no gelfrenn / boyfrenn !

So go ahead, click on the “Where To?” or Type in your city in the search and show up at that cool thing happening this weekend with your shades on ! Oh yeahhhh!!!! 

Mmmhmm. Townwhaa?


So I had no idea that there are peoples, like humans dedicated to making brochures and putting together events in my city.  Mmmhmm. Like free concerts, local festivals, flea markets, fireworks specials, You NAME it….these special humans know ittt.  So Google your township and call ’em.  Most likely, they will send you a newspaper package with a coupon book like clipper magazine for free.99 with all said turn-up activities.  


Would you look at that? Facebook is good for more than just reminding you about birthdays!?


So if you look at your left panel, under the “Explore” section, you’ll see EVENTS.  Yes love!  Based on your honest (iphone eyes) input of what city you are in, facebook somehow lines up all these events happening in your city that you might be interested in attending.  Sometimes it is a BIT stalkerish cuz you get to also see that your co-worker Sally-the-chatterbox also clicked that she is interested in the SAME event (oh boy) but hey, Sally Shmally, go have fun ! 


Yup. You heard Tiffany Haddish. 

Playtime is a breeze with Groupon. And Living Social too! If you download their apps or have an account with them, you can find local attractions and events for AFFORDABLE PRICES and go have FUN!!! I can’t tell you how many activities the honeyhubs and I have enjoyed because of Groupon and Living Social.  No seriously, I can’t tell you. It’s a lot. Lol!!


Seriously. They have City Guides.

You might even find a coupon if you subscribe for FREE ICE CREAM or DONUT !

can you tell i love food?  *winkwink* 


  • Make Something up!

Because duh.

God gave you that medulla oblangata for a reason, shorty.  If you’re low on coins, that’s okay too!!  Get creative.  Make some of your fav food or buy a bunch of snacks from the dollar store and go have a picnic in your local park with friends !  Or take said snacks and friends to the beach and find your inner child and have funn!!!  Fly a kite, ride a bike, stretch out on your deck with some iced-tea & cool jams, find your homie’s local pool & go for a dip, Re-discover your neighborhood or city, go to your library and learn a skill… Whatever it is …. Do what makes Your heart…happy. 


And whileee You’re at it, please take your vitamins and drink WATERRR!!!!!  Don’t end up in the hospital for dehydration or weakness and have your Hot Girl/Guy Summer cancelled on you, love.  Seriously. Click below for my favorite vitamins and water bottle I tote everywhere I go these days! 




And That’s IT!! Now go my child, have a great AMAZING HOT GIRL/GUY SUMMAAAAA!!!!!! 



Peace fingers,


Awele Charlene M-A 






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The Best Thing I did in 2019

Hey Best Possies!!!

Happy Half-wayyyy theerreee… Can you literally imagine?

ho my goodness

2019 is about to be 1/2 way DONE!!! I don’t know about you but I still remember what I was doing and where I was New Year’s Eve and Day! It was awesome…

Hubby and I. New Years Day. I’m the fireworks, he’s the cool breeze. lol!

This year has been awesome so far, and I hope it has been for you too. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENEDDDD!!!! I have friends and family that have gotten married, gotten new jobs, received promotions, seen failures and seen successes…

Guys, we have so much to reflect on ! I personally love reflecting because it gets me in an attitude of quiet where I am reminded of how GOOD God is, how much I have grown and how much I have YET to grow. I think about all the moments, all the ouch, all the ahhs, all the hmmms, and everything in between….

And with all that, I have so much zeal to press forward and KILL the goals I promised to myself when the fireworks went off in the air as the year re-set itself and became 2019.

In the meantime though, I can tell you I have done and accomplished quite a lot this year…and while I yet have a lot to do.. Here’s the Best Thing I did in 2019.

Yes!!!!!!! I’m a Mommyyyyyyyy to the most beautiful baby !!!!!!!
*cue fireworks & confetti in the air*

And just imagine… We still have h a l f the year to go !

It’s Lit!!!!!

Yes, Yes, I know. Now that she is year, my absence on the blog is no longer permissible. Orrrr is it??? I mean motherhood is a full time gig, y’all. Lol!!

Stay tuned,

Peace Fingers,

Awele C. M-A

Sidenote: A huge cheers to everyone working hard on their Best Possible Self and grinding to make this and every year their Best Possible Year ! I see youuu!!!

To everyone who has emailed or DM-ed me, THANK YOU!!!! I love replying and keeping in touch! Esp my RN buddies all over the States!

To everyone who has subscribed to my blog, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend ! And if youre reading this and you have NOT subscribed….. picture me staring into your soul…. like what are you doingggg…