Self-Care Like A Boss ! First Bestpossiblemoi Give-away!!

Happy New Year Best Possies!!!

We made it to a New Decadeeee! 2020 !!! Whoop Whoop !!

Welcome back to the blog !! By the way over a thousand visitors in 2019 ! And I barely blogged like I wanted to !! Whoop Whoop! I appreciate every single one of you. I will do better in 2020! Pinky promise, cross my heart, hope to live!

Let me re-introduce myself, for those new to the blog ! My name is Awele (pronounced: Ah-way-lay) Charlene Adinlewa and I am a Lifestyle Blogger, Encourager, and Positivity Coach here at !



Bonjour! Hola!

Ekaro !

Kedu !

你好 (Nǐ hǎo)!

Okay I’m done… Basically, I am so happy you are here today !

You can call me Awele or Charlene or Chacha, yup. I have a lot of nicknames. Lol! But before I forget, I am also a Master’s Registered Trauma Nurse. I love everything medical, I live for the why, the mechanism, pathology…. yeah yeah I’m a nerd… A cute nerd, don’t hate. But anyway, most importantly, I am a Wife to my yummy husbae and Mother to our sweet baby !

The best parts of me.

This 2020, I have goals, y’all. But to get there, I have to take care of me aka Self-care. Not just me, you need it too. Let’s face it. We live in a high-paced world where it always seems we need to do, take action, meet demands… and be amazing and excellent now, now, now !!!

Honestly, it can be exhausting!!!

To take back our power and be our BEST POSSIBLE SELVES , we need to start investing in self-care. What does that look like?? It can be the littlest things or the grandest. You deserve all the love, best possie!

What are my favorite self-care go-to’s? Well I love naps, listening to music or quick sermons, or even getting a massage hmmmm yessssss….! So, What are yours??! share in the comment section !!!

Also guess what?????!! I am doing the FIRST BEST POSSIBLE MOI GIVE AWAY Alll January This Month !!!


What do you have to do to enter the BestPossibleMoi Self-care Giveaway!!????

It’s simple !

  1. Follow @bestpossiblemoi on instagram and be subscribed to this blog 
  2. Follow @beehollywood on instagram (one of our partners for this giveaway)
  3. @ us (@bestpossiblemoi and @beehollywood) and/or Hashtag us on your instagram stories OR DM (Direct Message) us as you take on your awesome self-care routines.
  4. We will repost your self care stories and count that as 1 entry so feel free to post as many times as you want throughout the month !!!
  5. This Give-away begins January 1 2020 and goes til the end of the month

Stomped on what type of self-care ideas you could come up with?? say less. All the way at the end of this post are ideas you could start TODAY! Plus follow @bestpossiblemoi on instagram! I’ll be giving you ideas !

What does the WINNER get???

Ahhhh unfortunately, nope… not that… ha !

The winner does get an awesome self care box containing these goodies …

  • Soothing face mask
  • Lip therapy balm
  • MyMyro Plant powered mood boosting deodorant that is 100% aluminum-free
  • Stress reliever roll-on essential oil
  • And finally, a handy Journal for penciling those big dreams, goals, and thoughts you will have in this great year 2020

How awesome is that!?? So what are you waiting for? Get your self-care list, get set! ……

Go !

Can’t wait to see how YOU Self Care !

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene M-A,

3 John 1:2 “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul”

Self Care Ideas

Attitude Reflections to Close Out The Year 2019- Like a Best Possie !

Hey Best Possies!


So I have a podcast ! Yup. just jumped right into that announcement lol! I am preparing to really amp my involvement on not just my blog presence but vocally and soon, physically via youtube.

I definitely am excited !!!!



Butttt… Excited ! nonetheless.

Chanting “Just Do IT” “Do it Scared”.

Yup Yup, 2020, Here I come !

Without further ado, here is the link HERE <— click the here and enjoy this latest podcast on how as someone who is constantly seeking to attain your Best Possible Self, you can close out the year and with what type of attitude…

You can also literally screen shot the above pic and find my podcast everywhere hunny, spotify, google podcast, overcast, pocketcast… you name it, I am there …for…you.

Let’s hug it out

Brief Storytime: shortly after I recorded my podcast, some blessed soul stole my wallet. Yup. You read right. My sensitive information. Gone. I panicked. I Cried. I almost got sucked in to a negativity vortex of why me why me!!???

But I bless God for perspective. And to be 1000% real with you, I listened to my podcast. Yup. Singing “Encouraggggeee Yourselllfffff…” cuz I did. I developed perspective and knew that my life, my health, my family was worth so much more than material things. I could recover all my cards and information eventually. The blessings God has given me…. priceless. And right there in that moment of the first few listens and influx of “This is Awesome Charlene!” from close friends and family, I knew that I was walking in my purpose. And I won’t stop. Not for anything.

Thank you ahead of time for listening, for supporting, for SUBSCRIBING, for believing in me. There is so much to come. Stay tuned.

Be Amazing. Be Excellent. Be Your Best Possible Self.

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene Adinlewa

Jeremiah 1:8 “Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.”

All things Baby- Best Possible Baby That is…

Hi Best Possies,

So winter is here…

But you know that’s not stopping our mission to be hashtag cute and our best possible selves, innit?

And that applies to the babies… especially my baby.

I’m literally wiping tears hard. Look at my baby when she was weeks old. Now she’s so big and karate chopping me in the liver as I type this. *sniff*

So the other day I did a huge unboxing on personal instagram (@dotties_princess) of some things I got from Good ol’ Amazon and a lot of my loves wanted the link so I said why not make a post about it !

Also there are a lot more things that are enroute so please enjoy all the links below. Yes, all the images are clickable for you to make your purchases for your sweet baby, or baby niece or nephew.

Before we get started, a few housekeeping notes:

1.) Mama of boys don’t leave!!! you are WELCOME! The products I have shared below are NOT just for baby girls.

2.) I made sure the links you click are from 0 months to 12 months of age ! (some even beyond!) I got you !

3.) The product links you click are affiliate links and what that means is by clicking on the links and making a purchase, I get a teeny weeny commission that makes me happy and enables me to keep making helpful content for my best possies! whoop whoop!

Now let’s get starteeddddddd !

Cheers to Happy Babies !

Baby Headbands: I showed you a variety. Check out my IG stories because you’ll see my sweet baby rocking these bands allll winter hunny!!! I love them because they are soft on my baby’s scalp and the material is love!

Next up we have some cool clothes for baby to stay warm in these coming winter months. And sidenote : I live for a good neutral !!! so sorry for the void of color. kiss kiss.

And you guys knoww I love a good caauttteeee warm snuggly jacket and sweaters ! How cute are these!!!

And can you say baby without toys? exactly. So here are a few toys that I know will keep Sweet Baby occupied and mind stimulated while mommy watches housewives of atlanta is resting

Some cute accessories and miscellaneous because well…warm baby equals happy parents

This seat was a hit on my IG as well! My sweet mommy friend AMY put me on and I loveee it!

You guys you guys ! This Zarbe’s soothing chest rub is a game changer! literally asides from me praying 24-7 over my child, she gets chest rub down after her bath and hunnyyyy, all congestion be gone, we will not be seeing the flu in this house, okurrrr?

That’s all folks! I wanted to keep this as simple as possible! Oh em geee stay tuned ! I will be back with a STROLLER review and a Diaper bag VIDEO!! Yes you read right… V I D E O.

Be amazing, Be Excellent, Be Your Best Possible Self.

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene M-A.

Colossians 3:23 Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people

The story of 2 mats

Hey Best Possies!

Happy Novemberrrr!

If you’re like me, a fall weather lover, you’ve been loving the cool nippy sweater and boots weather, days looking like evening all day, sighing at sights of yellow, brown and red leaves scattered or dancing along street sidewalks….

*happy sigh*

But Anyways, I’m here to tell you a story.

It’s the story of two mats.

Grab your mugs, get your hot cocoa, tea, or coffee…

Read along and enjoy.

So I’m married, yeah *British Accent* and it’s pretty dandy. The bloke is quite the perfect mate for me ‘n all. Nice chap innit.

Lol!!! okay i’m done with the British accent.

Anyways, I love my marriage. It’s glowing and growing in ways I honestly could not have predicted. My husband and I are Two different people who come from two different walks of life, two different backgrounds, two different cultures, two d i f f e r e n t PLANETS! …and boom, decided that somehow someway, we would create a great life together.

Did I mention that uhm we are different. hmmk i did.

We just never thought we would disagree over this.

A mat.

A kitchen mat at that.


You’re reading right.

A . Kitchen. Mat.


For those of you who do not know, my husbae (husband+bae) moved all the way from his perfect nest and state of Texas (*heaves a heavy sigh*) and into our home in sweet chilly fall-weather perfect Pennsylvania (*insert his heavy sigh here*) .

Husbae’s last day in Tx in 2017 before he moved up to PA. He was so sad poor baby!

When he moved up, he gave up quite a bit of eh junk stuff that he accumulated in his single life and so did I, trust me..I gave up so much of my treasures stuff as well… it was painful… we had to. We were creating a new life together so you know…. get over it.

But the ONE thing we could not let go of.. was our kitchen mats. see below please.

Yup. Please guess in the comments whose mat you think is whose?? lol!

Smh. As you can see we just threw in the towel and put both our mats down. And it was what it was. Husbae was NOT going to have his ugly old rugged mat tossed and I was NOT going to have my brand new cute mat tossed either!

Untillll yesterday. November 2nd 2019. 2 years and 3 months of marriage later y’all.

We aka husbae and I, present to you …

Our United Totally Awesome Kitchen Mat !!!

Yup. I know. You might totally be like “LOL! Charlene, you and Steve are nuts.” Really?? We’re cool with that lol! The point of this blog post is this: we chose. together. Not just the mat. But the life we live. Yes, falling in love was so dreamy, planning our wedding, getting married, honeymooning, going on dates, our sweet baby…. it’s all been a sweet sappy romance song honestly. But how many of you that are married KNOWWW that marriage ain’t a one hot song wonder ? *insert iphone eyes emoji* yup I see you church! *insert organ pipes, church mother hmmmm, and piano ding! at the end*

We chose this mat together not because I nagged him to, or dropped subtle or mansion size hints, not because he wanted me to shut up and leave him alone, not because anyone outside of our unit aka society suggested it to us….. but because we wanted to.

Here’s my podium message: A lot of us in this social media blender age are getting side tracked with things that do not matter. Lifestyles & Opinions that do not reflect you & yours.

Stop. Unplug. Reset.

Next time you come to a difficult decision that you and your significant other can not just handle; try letting go. Sometimes you will have a “Two Mat” household lol!!! and that’s okay. Let. GO. If you’re in the mood for Pineapple Fried Rice and he’s in the mood for Red Robin, that’s okay ! If he takes a week to get to chores that take you one day …. *eye twitch* let…go…..

Choose. Joy. Always.

In marriage. In friendship. In service. In life.


One day, you’ll end up smiling. Not over “won arguments”, “best points”, or “who had the last word” but how you both won because you came together, and chose…together.

Until next time Best Possies,

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene A.

Philipians 4: 8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.

Stress-Busters! How to’s & Tips! …like a Best Possie!

Hi Best Possies !!

First of all…how? howwww…have I not posted about stress-relieving tips?? How?? I live on Pinterest y’all…pinning away and taking away tips that I implement DAILY to be my best possible self… (by the way, follow me on pinterest @thebestpossiblemoi ) and SECOND of all…. I am here to help you get to your best possible self… as I help myself…

shameless plug i freaking love New Amsterdam.

My bad… we are doing better !

And hereee weeee go…

Wait.. pause… Happy Friday!! Happy Weekend! Happy whenever day you find this post ! Lol! Side note, because there is always a WHY to why we stress relieve like Best Possies and not like regular people… and honestly, it is because of this statement.

The process affects the results.

I’ll explain …

I could blow my top, be extremely dramatic every time I was upset but hey, at least I get all that I want to say out, right? catharsis complete. hmm. But let’s look back a minute… what did I really gain? Nothing really. Whoever was listening to my rant is now probably scarred. Nobody grew. The atmosphere is definitely electrified with tension. Anddd my problem is not solved.



So I put together this pin you can find on pinterest. Screenshot it, refer back to it. I know I have several like it that are my top 5 go-to’s so that my self is kept in check.

If you haven’t heard, ALLL October, myself and my best possies are on #SelfCare Mode. Please tag me on your self-care adventures. I also screenshot and totally creep in your DMs loving on your journey. It is absolutely imperative to take care of your mental as well as your physical health. Stress is so detrimental and harmful and has long term horrible effects on not just your physical state, like your face and body but your health, your mind, and your spirit. So let’s take this LOVING OUR SELVES and being our BEST POSSIBLE SELVES as seriously fun as possible!

Which one will you be starting with??

Mine… A Nap !! Lol !!

Love you all !

Until next time,

Peace fingers,

Awele Charlene A.

Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”