About Moi

So About Me….

There isn’t enough time really. Lol!

But here are 7 quick facts that define me for the most part…

Un: My name is Ije-Awele Charlene .  That’s pronounced (E-Jay Ah-Way-Lay  ….then say it fast lol!). Some people call me Awele and Some people call me Charlene. They are both my names! I have no preference.

Deux: I am a beautiful mix of Port-harcourt and Delta State, Nigeria (Representing!)

Trois: I am still celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday ….what?

Quatre: I come from a huge amazing family

Cinq: I co-own a non profit dedicated to celebrating the success of foreigners transition in a healthy way to society.  I’m basically in the business of making dope moves that change lives ! *i-phone shrug emoji*

Six: In addition to being a co-CEO, I am a Trauma Nurse !

Sept: I am so in love with God, life, my husband, the people in my life, good music, good food (fries and plantain), sleep, traveling, and Christmas !


Yay! And now you know the author of this blog


Everything above is pretty much the things I will be blogging about. So stay tuned. And Be Blessed!