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How To Have A Hashtag Hot-Girl/Guy Summer


Hey Best Possies!

I don’t know about you but I am out here living my Best Possible Life and having a total #hotmommasummer baby!!! 

If you read my last blog here, you’ll know that I have a new bestie/sidekick/homie for life and 80-90% of the time, we go everywhere together !! Gotta leave 10% room for hot dates with the hubs ya dig. Don’t tell him I uh said 10%. Lol!!! 

But Anyhoo, I love all the LOVE in my DMs and email about us being out here living our best life, and I honestly do get puzzled when someone comments “How do you find all these stuff to do?” or “I wish I had time for all that.”

First of all, You make time for what is important to you, love.


Second of all, I GOT YOU!! Think of me as your resource locator, hunny!!! 

So, here are all the ways to have a TOTTALLLLYYY AWESOMMEEEEEE Hot Girl or Hot Guy or Hot Momma or Hot Poppa (You get the point!) Summer.  *phew!* 


 (Psst, all the tips are clickable. Das right. You welcome shuga).

Also, this blog contains affiliate links so please read the disclosure at the end of the post. T for thanks.

They have an app! Or you can look them up on your desktop or phone. But they are true to the name and slogan. 

“Find the Best Your Town has to offer. For less.”   

Through them, my honeyhubs and I have enjoyed brunch spots at instagrammable locations (totally), visited the most awesomest sunflower festival, had sleep inducing massages (yasss!), and much more!

Yessss! You don’t have to watch tourists come have all the fun in YOUR city! Uh no gelfrenn / boyfrenn !

So go ahead, click on the “Where To?” or Type in your city in the search and show up at that cool thing happening this weekend with your shades on ! Oh yeahhhh!!!! 

Mmmhmm. Townwhaa?


So I had no idea that there are peoples, like humans dedicated to making brochures and putting together events in my city.  Mmmhmm. Like free concerts, local festivals, flea markets, fireworks specials, You NAME it….these special humans know ittt.  So Google your township and call ’em.  Most likely, they will send you a newspaper package with a coupon book like clipper magazine for free.99 with all said turn-up activities.  


Would you look at that? Facebook is good for more than just reminding you about birthdays!?


So if you look at your left panel, under the “Explore” section, you’ll see EVENTS.  Yes love!  Based on your honest (iphone eyes) input of what city you are in, facebook somehow lines up all these events happening in your city that you might be interested in attending.  Sometimes it is a BIT stalkerish cuz you get to also see that your co-worker Sally-the-chatterbox also clicked that she is interested in the SAME event (oh boy) but hey, Sally Shmally, go have fun ! 


Yup. You heard Tiffany Haddish. 

Playtime is a breeze with Groupon. And Living Social too! If you download their apps or have an account with them, you can find local attractions and events for AFFORDABLE PRICES and go have FUN!!! I can’t tell you how many activities the honeyhubs and I have enjoyed because of Groupon and Living Social.  No seriously, I can’t tell you. It’s a lot. Lol!!


Seriously. They have City Guides.

You might even find a coupon if you subscribe for FREE ICE CREAM or DONUT !

can you tell i love food?  *winkwink* 


  • Make Something up!

Because duh.

God gave you that medulla oblangata for a reason, shorty.  If you’re low on coins, that’s okay too!!  Get creative.  Make some of your fav food or buy a bunch of snacks from the dollar store and go have a picnic in your local park with friends !  Or take said snacks and friends to the beach and find your inner child and have funn!!!  Fly a kite, ride a bike, stretch out on your deck with some iced-tea & cool jams, find your homie’s local pool & go for a dip, Re-discover your neighborhood or city, go to your library and learn a skill… Whatever it is …. Do what makes Your heart…happy. 


And whileee You’re at it, please take your vitamins and drink WATERRR!!!!!  Don’t end up in the hospital for dehydration or weakness and have your Hot Girl/Guy Summer cancelled on you, love.  Seriously. Click below for my favorite vitamins and water bottle I tote everywhere I go these days! 




And That’s IT!! Now go my child, have a great AMAZING HOT GIRL/GUY SUMMAAAAA!!!!!! 



Peace fingers,


Awele Charlene M-A 






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